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  • Domiciliary Care
  • Respite Care
  • Tenancy Supported Living
  • Transition to Independence

We provide personal home care to help with the more intimate or personal daily routines which may have become more difficult.
Our personal home care services support the elderly and frail, physically disabled, learning disabled, or those with mental health illness with personal daily routines at home that may be impossible to do alone, or have become more difficult.

We provide support ranging from:

  • Getting out of bed in the morning;
  • Help with washing and dressing;
  • Assistance with maintaining personal appearance;
  • Help and support with toileting/incontinence;
  • Getting settled in for the evening and going to bed.

Supporting independence and choice.
Wherever possible, and where it is safe to do so, we will let our customers do things for themselves. We encourage independence and confidence in being independent. Our home care team will always respect those we support, offering a personalised service, and taking into account their personal lifestyle, culture, choices, and wishes.

Practical home help.
Many people combine some practical home help with some personal home care as often, it is both that are needed.
Getting out and about
We also help with arranging and planning a trip out, visits to friends and family, and support with social activities like attending a local coffee morning, social clubs, bingo, or the cinema.

If you or a loved one has an event to attend such as a wedding or a funeral and will need assistance throughout the day, we can help.
We understand that often, it is not just help at home that is needed but also friendship and companionship.


Respite care ensures that your loved one’s care and support needs are still met in your absence. This can be less disruptive than putting your loved one into temporary residential care as it means routines continue and that your loved one can remain in familiar surroundings with their local support system.
Live-in respite care gives you the opportunity to take a short break safe in the knowledge that your loved one is cared for. At Innovative Start we do everything we can to maintain your established routines and we welcome any advice on how best to keep things calm and comforting while you’re away.

It doesn’t always mean that your loved one stays at home with a carer while you take time away. Sometimes, it means that we take on the jobs so you can spend time relaxing together.

At Innovative Start we provide various Respite care options such as:

Live-in care : We provide carers to support you in your own home and are available 24hrs.

Visiting care: We provide support for a few hours a day or a week to support you when you need support.

Short-term care: Sometimes family members caring for you may need a break or need to attend an urgent commitment, we can provide that care support on a short term basis. This can be a sensible option when you are also recovering for a period of convalescence after an operation, accident or illness, or because the usual carer is on holiday or a short break or require urgent care while getting back to full strength.

Our tenancy supported living services deliver care for individuals within their own homes. For those with more challenging and complex learning disabilities, we work with the families, registered social landlords, private landlords and Local Authorities to deliver a supported living environment, specifically tailored for the individuals. The benefit is real security of tenure in their own home in the community they live in.

Our tenancy supported living services offer flexible care and assistance packages based on individual need and capabilities, from a few hours a week to full time, 24/7 support. For those living in rented accommodation or in their own homes, supported living solutions can help build an effective pathway to more independent living.

Our tenancy supported living service helps people with learning disabilities or mental health needs live full, independent lives. Each of our service users benefits from an individual plan to help them reach their goals. This is delivered in consultation with all those responsible for their care, such as family members, local authority representatives, and others who play an important role in the client’s life.

The support plan enables service users to identify strengths and abilities they wish to develop, alongside goals they want to achieve. We then provide service users with valuable information about their rights and responsibilities, as well as the choices available to them in other areas. And we do this in a way that is accessible, in the language and terminology they understand.

At Innovative Start, we understand that transitioning to independence can be a difficult time for young adults. As a result, we strive to engage and support young adults as best we can and as individuals in their own right in order to achieve those positive outcomes. We believe that all young adults deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential as long as they are safe, healthy, happy and have the skills they need to learn, work, engage in community life and influence the decisions that affect them.

There are many services already available to young adults transitioning from out of home care to independence, however, at Innovative Start we offer support that is tailored to each individual service user in our care. This enables us to promote the welfare of the individual, at the same time safeguarding the young adults in our care.

Innovative Start believes that young adults are more receptive when we show them:

  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Commitment
  • Integrity

At Innovative start we reaffirm the commitment we all share to ensure that young adults develop the confidence, resilience and skills they need to be involved and productive citizens. We provide a stable environment for them to live and enabling them to be independent.

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