Our Principles

At Innovative Start we offer a comprehensive range of services, which include more flexible tenancy supported living solutions, domiciliary care, respite care and transition to independence in England. We offer expertise across a wide range of complex needs and specialist conditions, including caring for people with challenging behaviours.

We provide a complete life approach, from supporting our service users in their family home through to supporting them within the community. We support service users with a whole spectrum of needs.

Deciding on the right package of support is dependent on what works best for the individual involved. For some people, residential care is most appropriate on an on-going basis. Others transfer to a tenancy supported living placement following a period in a residential home, or may move directly from home or school to their own supported living tenancy. We work in partnership with the individual needing support, their close family and their care manager to find the ideal solution.

Whatever that solution, the quality of care and support we provide is always our first priority. We can offer support to a person in their family home, own home or within one of our 24-hour supported living services. We can provide support in an emergency, for respite periods or for life.

Our aim is to promote and support independence, choice and social inclusion for our service users, within a supportive, safe, social and stimulating network.

Our Focal Point

  • Enabling Independence
  • Self-management
  • Building Confidence
  • Positive Behavioural Support 
  • Emotional needs of each service user
  • Individual Development and outcomes
  • Social Support
  • Getting it right for service user
  • Building Community links to support each service user
  • Mental Health 
  • Educational Programmes

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable independence and confidence for the people who use our services by delivering person centred care, support and education. Our aim is to be:

  • Supportive and promote opportunities for all our service users so that they can reach their full potential.
  • Ambitious and strive to provide the best possible outcomes for our service users.
  • Loyal to our service users, their families and our staff because they are at the centre of everything we do, we deliver on our promises and are committed to ensuring that our services are meeting the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Unique because we are ambitious and innovative about the diversity of the services that we provide and do not compromise on quality.
  • Transparent, open, honest and foster a culture of mutual respect and promote a learning culture from own experiences. We are committed to doing things right and to the highest standards.
  • Engaging in our partnership working with our service users, our staff and all our stakeholders.

Our positive attitudes and excellent procedures sets us apart from our competitors because we provide a person centred care for our service users, enabling them to gain as much independence as possible.

Our programme operates on an environmental, interpersonal and individual level. We offer various programs that ensure that we are getting it right for the service user, depending on the need of the individual we engage them in care programmes that enable us to meet the Transforming Care Policy agenda.

Ours is a holistic approach that gives you real choice and control over your Care and Support to live full and independent life. It enables us to deliver individually tailored support for the service user. We offer services that a strong reputation for promoting recovery, rehabilitation and empowering service users to move on to greater independence.

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