About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the highest standards of care for people that we support, giving them the opportunity to lead as independent, active, fulfilled lives as possible, to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Our Team

Our Values


We embrace all the individuals that we support, ensure that they live happy, meaningful and fulfilled lives, regardless of their challenges, respecting personal choice and independence. We treat every person we support with dignity and respect, working with them, and those close to them, to identify and achieve individual goals.


We always strive for excellence ensuring that we consistently deliver high quality service. We aim to be at the forefront of best practice, consistently striving for positive outcomes by investing in our people, environments and practices. We continue to set high standards and constantly challenge ourselves to eclipse them.


We encourage our service users to be as independent s possible by taking positive calculated risks, to make their own decisions and think and act for themselves.  


We have an outstanding reputation and a proven track record for delivering high quality care. We are a reliable partner to our service users and work hard to ensure we provide the level of service we commit to, and keep the promises we make.


We are single-minded in our commitment to those we support. Our colleagues are passionate, warm-hearted and dedicated, consistently going the extra mile for our service users. We come to work with a sense of optimism and purpose because we are here to uphold the rights of others.


We are guided by a philosophy of professional integrity, decency and openness in everything we do. We pride ourselves on being accessible, accountable, trustworthy and an ethical provider who is fair and honest in our dealings with all those that we come into contact with and each other.

Our Culture

In every home at Innovative Start there is a strong sense of belonging, within our homes we value each individual that we support in their own right and treating them with fairness at all times. Our homes are not just a place to live, they are a home to our service users. Our service users are free to express ideas and make suggestions to the way they want to live in their home.

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